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Strength & Athletic Developing (Non-Olympic Lift) Teams

The ONLY purpose for listing these teams is to reassure other coaches that safe, productive, and efficient training programs, such as the one we promote at StrongerAthletes.com, is not unheard of. We are not attempting to imply that these teams are better or have better athletes than other teams. Our point is simply this: There are several strength programs in traditional sports that do not use Olympic lifts. Discrepancies may occur at schools in which one particular team uses Olympic lifting and others do not use them. Such is the case at University of Maryland, for example, where the basketball teams do not use Olympic lifts but the football team does. These teams are currently using or have used a non-olympic approach. Please help to keep this list accurate. If you are aware of mistakes or changes at a particular school or team please let us know.

Professional Teams

NFL: Baltimore Ravens
NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers
NFL: Philadelphia Eagles
NFL: Minnesota Vikings
NFL: Cincinnati Bengals
NFL: NY Giants
NFL: Indianapolis Colts
NFL: San Francisco 49ers
NFL: Arizona Cardinals
NFL: Detroit Lions
NFL: Houston Texans
NFL: Carolina Panthers
NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars
NFL: Washington Redskins
NFL: Denver Broncos
MLB: Detroit Tigers
MLB: San Diego Padres
NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins
NBA: Boston Celtics

College & Universities

Michigan State
Penn State
University of Illinois-Chicago
University of Detroit-Mercy
University of Maryland
Western Kentucky
Missouri Southern State
University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Notre Dame
Ohio State
Sienna College
Florida State
Fairfield University
Coastal Carolina University
Bowling Green

We received a report that UMBC, is has moved to a program that includes the Olypic lifts. From what I can tell from there website that does seem to be the case.

High School Teams

Walt Whitman High School: Bethesda, MD
Shakopee High School: Shakopee, MN
Pembroke Hill School: Kansas City, MO
Blaine High School: Minneapolis, MN
Anoka High School: Minneapolis, MN
Oak Hills High School: Cinncinati, OH
Sykamore High School: Cinncinati, OH
Chaska High School: Chaska, MN
Richfield High School: Richfield, MN
Lewman Christy High School: Jackson, MI
Jesuit High School: Tampa, FL
Troy High School: Troy, OH
Buffalo High School: Buffalo, MN
Coon Rapids High School: Coon Rapids, MN
Prior Lake HS: Prior Lake, MN
Lake Forest Academy High School: Lake Forest, IL
Fowlerville High School:Fowlerville, MI

Milaca High School: Milaca, MN

Lincoln College Prep: Kansas City, MO
St. Theresa Academy: Kansas City, MO

Minnetonka High School: Minnetonka, MN

If you have questions or comments about this web site or strength development or training please Contact Stronger Athletes.

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