Stronger Athletes

Frequently Asked Questions

As our readership continues to grow we are increasingly invading Olympic lifting advocate circles. Many times these people reply to our articles without an understanding of who we are and what our purpose is. The time has come for us to lay down some basic ground rules.

"Who is"

We are two high school coaches from Kansas City, Missouri who see the need to help educate the high school coach on various elements of strength development. We have found that many high school coaches are put in charge of developing their school's athletes in the weight room without having a working knowledge of exercise science. We see ourselves as a resource for the coach who likes to do his homework.

"Who is your target audience?"

High school coaches who work directly with their school's athletes in the weight room. We encourage college coaches and professional strength trainers to contribute to our website as well.

"What do you promote in terms of strength training?"

We advocate a safe, productive, and efficient training program that allows the coach to develop his athletes into better athletes by making them stronger in a safe, timely manner. A stronger athlete is what makes any high school sports program better.

"Why do you not advocate Olympic lifts?"

For decades now many coaches link "explosiveness" with quick lifts, similar to those performed by Olympic lifters. Understanding the popularity of the traditional styles and having done and coached Olympic lifts ourselves, what we have found is that: