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Thank You, Dr. Ken

May 5 "as a means to improve in another sport I have a hard time seeing the value in heavy singles lifting given the risks..." -NFL HOF Strenth Coach, Kim Wood

Stronger Athletes would like to recognize Dr. Ken Leistner for the decades he spent in service to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, the average guy that wanted to get stronger, youth and many others.

Dr. Ken passed on about a month ago. Over the decades he's written literally thousands of strength training articles. He espoused safe strength training methods that enabled strength acquisition without the injury potential that is part and parcel of acceleratory training methods that are best left to the people that are performing lifts in a competition.

I did not know Ken personally, though he did at one time answer a letter of mine. I found the address of the Iron Island Gym and sent Ken some questions. Ken took time out of his day to review my questions and craft a personal response. That meant a lot to me.

Our condolences and prayers are with Ken's family and friends.

Thank you for all you did.

Maximum Bob Whelan has some nice tributes to Dr Ken on his site written by himself and others. Here is one that really hits home.


An article we wrote awhile back that has some of Dr. Ken's words of wisdom.  Simple Does It - Good Advice.

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