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The Cincinnati Clinic: Dr. Ted Lambrinides on Nutrition

March 22 "Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends on what you are made of." -Jacob Broude

One topic that we have not done justice to over these first 3 years is nutrition. We had the privilege of visiting with and listening to Dr. Ted Lambrinides of St. Thomas More College on this topic at the Frank Glazier/Mega Clinic earlier this month. Below are various statements concerning his topic. We have put the statements in quotes but they are really from the notes I took from his presentation, not necessarily direct quotes. Enjoy!

Mike Shibinski, Dr. Ted Lambrinides, and Jeff Roudebush at the Frank Glazier/Mega Clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio. "The only mammals that rehydrate themselves at the same rate they dehydrate is the jackass. So, be like the jackass and make sure your athletes are getting water!"

"If you want to get a heads-up on the kids on your team who are at risk of dehydration look at the amount of sweat they produce. Some athletes just sweat more than others. This has less to do with their conditioning than it does their genetics."

"Placing salsa and chips in your locker room may be the best prevention against dehydration as studies have shown this forces people to drink 4 times as much water. [Lance Armstrong used this when training.]"

"Following a practice athletes should drink 24 ounces/per pound of weight lost."

"Muscle and Fitness Magazine is commercially targeted at 14 year old boys who think, 'If I buy this I'll get laid'."

"The April 14, 1997 issue of Sports Illustrated has a good article about the use of steroids with athletes."

"The truth is that not everyone responds to the use of creatine. The athletes with the best chance of responding positively to creatine use are vegetarians. The major side effects of creatine use includes heat intolerance, cramps, water/urine homeostasis, liver and renal dysfunction."

National Strength & Science Seminar

This summer the National Strength and Science Seminar will be held at Cragun's Resort in Brainerd, Minnesota Saturday June 19, 2004. The cost is $60 and includes lunch.

This year's slate of speakers is outstanding and will no doubt be worth the trip for anyone who is serious about training athletes.

For more information please contact Luke Carlson at (612) 710-3096 or his e-mail address and tell him you read about the Seminar at!

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