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Where's the Research?

March 1 "America needs wrestling." -Dan Gable

We have attempted to show coaches both sides in terms of philosophy of training. Olympic lifting vs. Non-Olympic. We have cited evidence of transfer- Principle of Specificity which is found in any physiology text, yet coaches still believe that transfer still occurs from lifting movements to the sport skill. [See Specificity].

How can someone believe that a scientific principle is false? They need to get with reality and start asking themselves, Where's the Research behind what I do? Muscle fiber is recruited in an orderly fashion. [See Muscle Fiber Recruitment]. This cannot be denied. It is backed by science.

Faster movement such as the Olympic lifts are more dangerous than slow controlled movements. [See Safety]. This is not only scientifically proven, backed by piles of research. Not only that, but to believe in otherwise defies common sense. Research indicates that one set is as good for gaining strength and power as is multiple sets. [See How many Sets?]. The multiple set method could tap into recovery time decreasing the frequency of the athletes workout. Therefore the one set method is more productive and more efficient.

Without proper recovery, the athlete progress could be greatly hindered. That is why training 2-3 days per week is superior to 4-6 days per week. Why? Because training less is more efficient. Not because the 4-6 days per week cannot make progress. Coaches need to take a closer look at their program in terms of safety, productivity, efficiency.

We would like other coaches thoughts on the topics presented in this article.

Coach Rody

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