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Going To MN, And A Reader Writes

March 15 "You've got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, becuase you may not get there." -Yogi Berra

Minnesota or Bust

By the time you read this we'll be halfway across Iowa... We've decided to turn this road trip from Kansas City to Blaine, MN one big proggressive dinner. We'll start with a light pre-breakfast of a cup of coffee from my local Quick Trip guy. By the time we hit the Iowa border we may be ready for a full blown truck stop steak & eggs breakfast. In Des Moines one may find us sampling the local Mexican cuisine and so on... I think you get the picture.

We are so pumped to get to the National Strength & Science Seminar. If you are going to be there please stop by our booth and tell us you read our site, we would love to meet you. For those of you travelling some distances please drive safe... and maybe we'll run into you in St. Paul for our evening salad buffet.

Dear We Trained Safe And Created A Winning Season

Dear Coach Rody,
I just found your website on the flyer for the Strength Seminar at Blaine HS and plan on attending. Having run a [Non-Olympic] program at several schools and now most recently at Richfield High School, once athletes see what it is all about, not to mention coaches, they see that you don't have to be married to the weight room to be successful. Case in point. It could just be coincidence. But, the Richfield program had struggled for a number of years averaging 1-2 wins per year. Last June upon my arrival, we implemented our [Non-Olympic] program and added our total conditioning program (speed, agility, and NO PLYOS) in July. The end result was a trip to the section championship. Our kids had to be in condition, since we put a premium on running a no huddle offense and stress all out pursuit to the ball on defense.

I think it should also be said that we like to use all tools in our program. We do like using machines for most things since it is more efficient. Coaches can find machines for dimes on the dollar, many less than $500. I teach a "zero" hour class one hour before the regular school day with nearly 70 students in the class. . The class keeps on growing. We weight train twice a week, do agilities and cardio once a week. Friday's are used for a make up day. The list of [Non-Olympic Teams] are growing in the Twin Cities. Look forward to the clinic. - Kyle Inforzato, Head Football/Strength Coach, Richfield High School, MN

Coach Inforzato,
We appreciate your comments and the story of the success you have had with Non-Olympic, Non-Plyo program. Do come by our booth so we can talk. If you have other success stories or know of others who have had success we would like to hear from them and post them on our website. We have tried to post as many teams as we could on our Teams page. If you know of other schools with a Non-Olympic Training philosophy, please let us know. Looking forward to seeing you in Blaine! -S.A.

Dear Coach Rody,
First of all congratulations on a great informative site. Secondly thank you to Jim Bryan for bringing your site to my attention. I have had the great fortune to be a volunteer helper for Mark Asanovich when he was the strength coach for the Buccaneers. I was involved for 5 years with Coach and his great staff. Not only was Mark kind enough to let me have an inside glimpse of the NFL, I also was exposed to tremendous strength-training protocals. Mark's program is truly outstanding, productive, progressive. In the summer camps we worked out 80+ players at a time in a very time efficient  manner. I will say that the Bucs made a tremendous mistake going from a "high intensity" program, to the O-lifting style. It is their loss for sure.

I'm an assistant football coach at Jesuit High School here in Tampa. I have a terrific home gym set up and run a pretty good personal training business from there. I utilize only the [Non-Olympic Training] protocals that I learned from Mark Asanovich. My full time job is as a science teacher at another school which precludes me from running Jesuit's strength program full time....but we have implemented a "high intensity" program that is run by teachers full time on there staff. Several of  our players drop by my gym for a "stimulating" saturday morning workout. In any event I am very fortunate to have worked for and with Mark Asanovich.

Finally I'm 55 years old and have been around strength-training for 35 years...the first 8 years I competed as an Olympic-Style lifter. I fortunately have adopted a much safer style of lifting which enables me to continue to train progressively even at my age. Thanks for listening.  To all other coach's...I strongly suggest you read anything written by Mark won't be wrong.    Coach Joe Ross

Coach Ross,
Thanks for your e-mail! It sounds like you have a wonderful situation for working with those kids. Coach Asanovich obviously has a huge impact on other coaches like yourself. In the future, we would love to follow the success of your team on and off the field. -S.A.

2002 National Strength & Science Seminar is pleased to announce the 2002 National Strength & Science Seminar which will be held March 16 at Blaine High School in Blaine, Minnesota. The mission of the seminar is "To Educate Coaches and Exercise Science/Sport Medicine Professionals Concerning a Practical/Scientific Approach to Strength Training and Fitness."

You will find "valuable information from world-renown professionals across the country, practical ideas and handouts giving you information needed for your situation, and answers to your questions regarding coaching and all aspects of exercise science." Speakers include:

Scott Savor tells, "We are having some of the best professionals in the nation speaking and are expecting approximately 400 people in attendance. Until now there has been nothing like it." If you have any further questions about the 2002 National Strength & Science Seminar we encourage you to contact Scott Savor at

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