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June 28 "as a means to improve in another sport I have a hard time seeing the value in heavy singles lifting given the risks..." -NFL HOF Strenth Coach, Kim Wood

The Importance of the Squat

How much do you think Chuck Norris could squat in his prime?

How much should a water polo player be expected to squat?

Well, no doubt many would say that squats are always important. The key is that more leg strength is better than less, but the caveat being, how much is enough for the sport you are in and what is the trade off in time and energy developing more leg strength vs some other weakness or skill for the athlete. You do have FINITE resources after all.

In other words, find the bottle neck and work on that.

An article we wrote awhile back that has some of Dr. Ken's words of wisdom.  Simple Does It - Good Advice.

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