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June 22 "They say I'm the only catcher they had ever seen whose looks improved when he put on the mask." -Yogi Berra

Matt Brzycki has produced yet another outstanding resource for coaches and athletes this time focusing specifically on baseball. Conditioning for Baseball, co-authored with Pete Silletti and published by Blue River Press (c) 2004, gives coaches and athletes a comprehensive guide for safe and productive strength training.

Just turn on ESPN or open a record book and you will quickly become aware of how important strength training has become in the world of baseball. From a high school coaching perspective it seems that baseball has been one of the last holdouts of the, "Strength training will hurt my game," mentality. However, most if not all coaches are promoting and encouraging their athletes to develop their strength.

As more coaches begin to adopt strength training into their programs it is important that they find sound and prudent guidance. Too many coaches simply recall what they did as an athlete or what the current home run kings are doing and attempt to mimic those workouts with their kids. Brzycki and Silletti offer coaches a text that address the full gamut of training for baseball including unique elements of training for baseball, flexibility, designing a training program, nutritional information, dealing with an injury and more.

Matt Brzycki brings the expertise of over 20 years as a collegiate coach, instructor and administer with Princeton University and Rutgers University. Along with Conditioning for Baseball, Matt has contributed in nearly forty publications and eight books. Pete Silletti coaches baseball at Princeton University where he was a four-year starter at catcher before having the opportunity to play with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Conditioning for Baseball does a wonderful job in spelling out why specific elements of a training program can do for a baseball player. Each muscle group is explained in terms of how it affects game performance. Also, game specific conditioning drills are also outlined for each position giving coaches the reassurance of efficient training. Provided in the appendix is a sample workout card and sprint routines for the coach to use.

As usual, Brzycki provides an easy to understand chapter on strength development with sections addressing sequence of exercises, technique, and frequency of workouts. Conditioning for Baseball also includes outstanding photo-illustrations of movement instructions. This book allows the coach that wants to do right by his athletes in the weight room to shine. It is not a "workout-in-a-box" as many high school coaches turn to but a path that a discerning coach can follow.

This book is for any strength coach and baseball coach who desired sound coaching information. Conditioning for Baseball and other books by Matt Brzycki can be found at at low prices.

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