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Dear Cleans and Athleticism

January 2 "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." -Anais Nin

As our strength training philosophy spreads via the world wide web we are recieving some great comments from various coaches and athletes. Every so often we'll post many of these for the benifit of our readers. Please feel free to respond to any of our comments with opinion or questions of your own.

Dear Coach Rody, I do not argue that any lift simulates actual sport movements. I do believe that the power clean is a lift that requires athleticism thus is a good lift to do in order to develop athleticism.

If a power clean improves your athleticism... to meet what end? We maintain it will only improve performance of the power clean. -S.A.

I am always looking for new ideas in strength training. Please let me know some of your ideas. I don't feel that any lift that builds strength is a bad lift. I don't argue that specific lifts carry over to movements used in sports though. Lifting to me builds strength to enhance performance. -A. Vitt, Head Wrestling Coach, Moberly, Missouri

Coach, thanks for your comments your input is well received. -S.A.

Dear Coach Rody, I hope you had a terrific Christmas and that everything is going well for you. I showed people the stick figures. [See Principle of Specificity] Everyone's reaction was just like mine, laughing out loud. You don't even have to read what you wrote to laugh. It's hilarious, and "but who is going to do that" tops it off.

It's really not a laughing matter but your right, even if this did simulate a sprint there simply is no transfer. -S.A.

It's definitely an interesting web site too. I especially thought the muscle fiber recruitment article was interesting. -Brian, University of Missouri-Columbia

Thanks, we appreciate your tuning in and spreading the word! -S.A.

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