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December 1 "Don't do for, help with" -Noelle Nelson

We are pleased to pass on this information that came to us from Ryan Carlson who serves as the Strength & Conditioning coach at Minnetonka High School in Minnesota.

Coach Carlson writes, "Just wanted you to know that two HIT teams from Minnesota won state titles this past weekend. Totino Grace High School won the 4A (2nd largest class) title while Minnetonka won the 5A title (largest class). A 3rd HIT team, Becker, lost in the 3A title game. So of the 10 or so HIT schools in MN, 3 played for the title and 2 won it. Not a bad weekend."

Congratulations to these teams and their coaches. Again, we do not say that teams are going to be more successful if they train with high-intensity. We simply want to point out that successful football teams do not have to use unsafe or inefficient training practices.

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