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Introducing Truth, Not Trends

Aug 6 "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." -Abraham Lincoln

For the chemists out there, they might think of trinitrotoluene when they see TNT, the rest of us though,  probably just think of dynamite.

However, there is another meaning you should know. 

It is an acronym that stands for Truth Not Trends.  TNT is an evidence based podcast site featuring podcasts from renowned exercise authorities such as Mark Asanovich, Wayne Westcott, and Michael Bradley et al.

Their mission and values have similarities to StrongerAthletes, but with a stronger focus on the individual.  No nonsense and a strong focus on the clients health and goals.

To promote health and prevent disease through strength training in the safest, and most efficient way humanly possible. To help people become the best version of themselves.
  1. Promoting individual strength through evidence-based progressive overload training.
  2. Supporting individual health through evidence-based nutritional counseling.
  3. Strengthening communities by connecting practitioners of the evidence-based, high intensity training (H.I.T.) philosophy to clients who value evidence-based training regimen.
  4. Disseminating up-to-date scientific research regarding the application of safe and productive exercise, and neutralizing misleading and/or unscientific information.
  5. Bolstering Oakland’s image as a hub for fitness innovation and technological advancement.
  6. Providing the owners with returns on their investment sufficient to continue sharing the tenets of high intensity, evidence-based training.

The site is the work of strength coaches Jesse Schmidt and Liam "Taku" Bauer who is celebrating his 30th year as a strength coach.

There are a bunch of great podcasts available as well as articles that explain the "why" to various training methods.   Liam will tell you when something is worthwhile and when it isn't.  There are lots of things being sold to the trainer today that are wrong, dangerous or dangerously wrong. 

Liam and Jesse's site has none of that.

I encourage you to check out Truth Not Trends and find out for yourself the quality of the content Liam have to offer.


***No Liability is assumed for any information written on the website. No medical advice is given on exercise. This advice should be obtained from a licensed health-care practitioner. Before anyone begins any exercise program, always consult your doctor. The articles are written by coaches that are giving advice on a safe, productive, and efficient method of strength training.***

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