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Working With a Limited Weightroom Budget?

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Limited Weightroom Budget? understands that there are some programs, high schools, particularly, that have a limited budget. Due to the cost of most weight equipment, sometimes fundraisers just don't cut-it. Buying quality machines takes quite a bit of money, even when used. However, there are some great machines out there that make for a great workout.

If you are a coach that would like to train 45 or more athletes at one time and do not have the equipment, because of low budget or failed fund raising, have no fear. All you need is 5 power racks, 5 bench presses, 15 barbells, and weight. The cost of this equipment is under $8000 easy.

Can you get an efficient workout using this limited amount of equipment? You bet you can. Athletes can work in 3’s and train 45 athletes in a 45 minute period. 15 athletes start at the bench press, 15 at the deadlift, and 15 at the squat. That is efficient. Sure you might not be able to do some exercises like dips and pulldowns, but their are other effective exercises that you can do. We have come across facilities on a low budget before and trained these athletes with much success.

What ever you use, train hard, brief, to failure and increase reps or weight every time you can. Strength gains are based off of these factors no matter what equipment you use. Remember, you can always find a way to gain strength. There is no replacement for hard work and it can be done with minimal amounts of equipment. Top name equipment is great but not 100% necessary for a successful strength training program.

We would love to hear some of your strategies for planning a weight room budget.

Coach Rody

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