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You Don’t Need To Train Explosively To Exhibit Explosiveness

3rd of September, 2015

Sep 3 “We become what we think about.”
-Earl Nightingale

A long while back in a “Dear StrongerAthletes: Success Story” (scroll down on page link takes you to) a father and mountain bike coach mentioned the improvement he’d seen in his team members and his son after utilizing the Stronger Athlete’s method of strength training.

He mentioned his son’s improvement and if you would like to see some of the things his son can do with a bike – amazing stuff – really, you need to watch this video.


Also check out the America’s Got Talent Profile of Jeremy Vanschoonhoven.

High-Intensity High School Football Champions

1st of December, 2004

December 1 “Don’t do for, help with” -Noelle Nelson

High-Intensity High School Football Champions

We are pleased to pass on this information that came to us from Ryan Carlson who serves as the Strength & Conditioning coach at Minnetonka High School in Minnesota.

Coach Carlson writes, “Just wanted you to know that two HIT (High Intensity Training) teams from Minnesota won state titles this past weekend. Totino Grace High School won the 4A (2nd largest class) title while Minnetonka won the 5A title (largest class). A 3rd HIT team, Becker, lost in the 3A title game. So of the 10 or so HIT schools in MN, 3 played for the title and 2 won it. Not a bad weekend.”

Congratulations to these teams and their coaches. Again, we do not say that teams are going to be more successful if they train with high-intensity. We simply want to point out that successful football teams do not have to use unsafe or inefficient training practices.

Dear StrongerAthlete: More Common Sense

2nd of February, 2004

February 2 “To believe in something and not live it is dishonest.” -Ghandi

Dear StrongerAthlete: More Common Sense


(APPLAUSE)……..WELL DONE! Great website. How refreshing it is to see something like this, considering the internet is littered with opposing viewpoints, opinions/theories and flat out misinformation. With regards to Olympic style lifting for athletes, plyometrics, Swiss balls, various “quickness enhancing” drills, and other gimmicks many coaches use to enhance athletic ability, you guys are RIGHT ON 100% with your articles.

I am a Certified Athletic Trainer who also “specializes” in the training of athletes. I currently practice/teach sports medicine at the high school level as well as work at a health club and I do several yearly public speaking (local) engagements on these very topics. I literally had to do a double take when I came across this website and started reading your articles. The articles are pretty darn close word for word to what I lecture about and have been for the last 6 years.

I was a college football player/track athlete and was brought up on the Olympic style/plyometric philosophy (I didn’t know any better at the time and trusted my strength coaches that this was the safest, most effective way to train). It wasn’t until I went through a formal education program and did a lot of research in Exercise Phys/Kinesiology and studied motor learning that I “converted” and started doing just the opposite, so to speak, of that style of training.

I just simply cannot understand what part of “not transferable”, “violation of specificity” and “overload principle” many strength coaches do not understand (especially the ones that claim to have an educational background in some exercise science field)! It seems that no matter what research I provide and how credible it is, many coaches choose to not go for it. I guess its either pure ego, lack of common sense or just plain old being stubborn.

As you probably would agree, it is very frustrating and also very hurtful for athletes who are often caught in the middle. I admire your ability to remain calm, cool and collective in your articles having to continually explain the same things over and over again. Then there is the safety issue. Even if all those “explosive” movements did work and they did make athletes more explosive, the safety issue alone should deter any coach from recommending them to their athletes (especially the skeletally immature ones). But, they don’t work as advertised…and as you have stated many times, elegantly at that, the only thing doing power cleans will make you better at is…power cleans! Trying to get people to believe that explosiveness, balance, quickness/agility are all TASK and SKILL SPECIFIC is one of the most difficult things to do, in my experience anyway.

Great informational site here and I have book-marked it to use as yet another very credible resource for all the “non-believers” out there. Thanks and I look forward to future conversations and dialog with you guys.

Dan Davenport


CCU Joins Our List

17th of March, 2003

March 17 Happy St. Patrick’s Day

CCU Joins Our List of Teams Using Safe Training Methods

Hi Coach,

Would it be possible for you to add us to your college/university list of schools. We too subscribe to this type of training and have been associated with many coaches of the teams (pro and college) that you have listed on your site.

Al Jean
Head Coach, Strength and Conditioning
Coastal Carolina University

Al, You’ve been added. S.A.

Slow Training

1st of December, 2002

December 1 “If your not pissing a few people off, raising a few eyebrows, you’re not living big enough.” -Erin Brockovich

Support This Site Need a sweatshirt? Workout shirt? Coffee mug? OK just want to sport around the logo? We are pleased to bring you some items just in time for the holidays! (Actually we came across this company on the internet and think it is pretty cool.) Gift Shop Support This Site

Dear Slow Training

We received this e-mail from Mr. Karoly Haasz concerning the emphasis we put on training at slow speeds. Our comments follow in [Red]… (more…)

New Coach Seeks Information

28th of October, 2002

October 28 “This is a business of breaking hearts.” -John Gagliardi, Head Football Coach at St. John’s University on putting together the travel list each week

Dear New Coach Seeks Information

I am the head football coach at Andover HS in Andover, MN. We opened our HS this fall and were just able to get our weightroom running about three weeks ago. The coach that was originally hired used the HIT program before and ordered all Hammer Strength and Nautilus equipment. Since my background was not in this type of program, I am looking for as much assistance as possible. (more…)

Conducting A Test

1st of May, 2002

May 1 “If you cannot power clean you cannot be a good shot putter. -Name Withheld

(We use this quote mockingly! We love to receive e-mails from our readers regardless of their stance on a safe, productive and efficient training program, however, please think about what you are saying before you say it!) [Please see our April 26 post for more information on this statement.]

Conducting A Test

One of our readers suggested that we write about controlled tests to gain an understanding of these issues in which (more…)

An Injury Incident

8th of April, 2002

April 8 “The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.” -William Blake

Mystery Guest

Just like last week we present a Mystery Guest. If you think you know who this pioneer in strength training is drop us a guess, at Coach Rody, and our correct winners with be posted on Friday. Good Luck! (more…)

Minnesota or Bust

15th of March, 2002

“You’ve got to be careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you may not get there.” -Yogi Berra

By the time you read this we’ll be halfway across Iowa… We’ve decided to turn this road trip from Kansas City to Blaine, MN one big progressive dinner. We’ll start with a light pre-breakfast of a cup of coffee from my local Quick Trip guy. By the time we hit the Iowa border we may be ready for a full blown truck stop steak & eggs breakfast. In Des Moines one may find us sampling the local Mexican cuisine and so on… I think you get the picture.

We are so pumped to get to the National Strength & Science Seminar. If you are going to be there please (more…)

Strength Coaches to the Test

13th of March, 2002

March 13 “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” -Chinese Proverb

Last summer, we at got together with an Olympic lifting advocate coach, a believer that it requires more than one set to failure to trigger the necessary strength and growth. He agreed along with another coach to try the program, which requires (more…)