StrongerAthletes Quick Start Guide

It is our mission to: “To promote safe, productive, and efficient methods of strength training for high school and collegiate athletes while debunking the Olympic lifting establishment that has engulfed many of our high school and college athletic programs. It is our desire to create better athletes through controlled and intense strength training.”

We have many great articles that we’ve written based on sound principles of muscular physiology.  These articles explain a safe methodology to follow when strengthening your athletes.

There are three ways you can navigate.

  1. You can simply dive in and start reading articles.
  2. You can pick a topic of interest and see the articles in that group.
  3. You can read this all of our entries chronologically as they were originally posted by using the archives.

There are articles covering nearly a decade and a half.  The information is solid, no nonsense training information that will help you train your athletes and perhaps yourself in a safe and productive manner.

Safe and effective training to you,
Stronger Athletes

Read the Super 7.  These are the cornerstones of our approach to strength training athletes.

  1. Intensity and Fiber Recruitment
  2. Specificity Part 1: Do Olympic Lifts Enhance Athletic Ability?
  3. Specificity 2: Going Deep
  4. Expressing Power or Developing Power
  5. Skill Transfer in Sports Training
  6. Efficiency in Training
  7. NSCA Rebuttal on Explosive Training


Grab a coffee and start reading.